Grabowski Furniture Logistic (GFL) has been in business since 1997. It specializes in the transportation of spatial cargoes with a volume of up to 120 m3 and a load capacity of up to 21 tons. The basis of the company’s activity is servicing domestic and foreign furniture manufacturers with the use of its own warehouses, means of transport and full logistics services. From the beginning of the company’s existence, transport activities have been focused on services related to the furniture industry. Currently, GFL specializes in full truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, between Poland and Germany, Austria and BeNeLux countries. The company offers a comprehensive logistics service – from the manufacturer’s gate to delivery to the end customer.

The company’s beginnings were closely related to the forwarding business. The company specialized in acquiring customers in need of efficient transportation of cargo from Poland to customers in Western Europe. In the early days of the business, the number of its own trucks oscillated at a few units. At the same time, customer satisfaction contributed to an increase in the number of orders for international transport. The situation necessitated the development of a network of subcontractors, driving volumes under the GFL banner. The dynamics of the development of the shipping department and the increase in the number of customers contributed to the successive increase in the number of trucks owned by GFL. After 2000, the number of transports performed with the help of own trucks increased significantly. At the same time, the amount of services performed by subcontractors gradually decreased. This situation resulted in the equalization of the size of the transportation and shipping departments. Both sections have equally earned GFL’s position in the industry supporting the furniture industry.

In the following years of operation, the specifics of the services were directed to transport, forwarding and loading logistics typical of the furniture industry sector. A number of innovative and at the same time proprietary design changes were introduced in the development of the cargo section in the fleet moving under the GFL brand. The changes, in the form of safety features and structural improvements, have improved the safety of the furniture being transported, with a simultaneous increase in the cargo area of the modern fleet. A modern IT system has been introduced to support the execution of ongoing logistics operations. The improvements fully automated the furniture distribution planning process, so that the accompanying transportation is an efficient part of the entire logistics system. In 2012, the company launched its own storage and loading area, under the name of CLG (Grabowski Logistics Center), whose operations unify the smooth work of the company’s third pillars – Transportation, Shipping and Logistics.

Reliability in the fulfillment of transport and forwarding orders, as well as unrivaled competitiveness in terms of fleet equipment, resulted in the signing of numerous contracts with domestic and foreign furniture manufacturers The dynamics of the growth of orders made it necessary to increase employment. In the first years of the company’s activity, the company’s crew numbered a few people. Currently, GFL employs almost 200 drivers. The company’s headquarters is located in Swidnica near Zielona Gora and covers an area of 2500m2. The Świdnica base includes an administrative building, storage and loading halls, a repair shop for trucks and a parking area for rolling stock moving under the “Grabowski Furniture Logistic” banner.